About Asha Digital

Who We Are

Fuelled by excellence and founded on creative expertise, Asha is a pioneering technological solutions company. The Asha team’s diverse skillset allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design and development for mobile and web projects. If you are seeking a dedicated team to execute your full project needs or simply provide an a la carte service, we help you realise the best results possible. Our capable team of developers, designers and digital strategists work with clients from ideation stage to final execution of projects.

Offering aesthetically creative and functionally distinctive products across a range of platforms, we are constantly carving a new benchmark in the industry. We provide custom solutions for business through innovative development strategies which cater for all sections of mobile and web technologies worldwide.

BBBEE Profile

Asha Digital is a 100% Black owned and managed company that is committed to the expansion and growth of the South African ICT industry through the provision of technological solutions to the private and public sector.

We believe that BBBEE is an integral driver of economic and social transformation in South Africa and therefore an integral component of our business. We are committed to align our business in the workplace and in society, with the national transformation agenda.

We are committed to an ownership and control structure that is consistent with the vision and objectives expressed in the government Broad Based BEE Strategy, and the needs and expectations of our shareholders for sustainable superior value, and returns.

We are committed to the creation and development of an enabling environment, for effective Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment within the organisation. We believe in the important role of the small and medium enterprise sector in our economy, and are committed to invest, support, develop and avail opportunities for the growth and development of black SME’s and professionals.

Culture & Values

It is our belief that a single idea can change a community, and if we can change enough communities we can change the world. The digital age is upon us, the whole world has embraced technology and geared its economy to grow through technological solutions and innovations. The South African economy is lagging behind the rest of the world in the digital technology sector, Asha aims to carry South Africa into the digital age through innovative technological solutions and development.

We believe anything is possible. Just because it doesn’t exist today doesn’t mean it can’t tomorrow. We consider emerging technology a playground full of new tools that help us create valuable technological solutions for our clients. We believe creativity and innovation trump conventional wisdom and the status quo. And we think this is a pretty exciting time to be working in the African technological space.

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