Progressive Web Apps

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps are the future of website development. A set of best practices to make a web application function similar to a native mobile application. The aim is to have an experience so uniform and seamless that the user is unable to tell the difference between a Progressive Web App and a native mobile app.

Challenges of native mobile apps & websites

Internet Speed

About 60% of the world’s population is still using 2G internet. Depending where you live, this stat can go as high as 80% in many regions in Africa.

Slow Website Load

53% of users abandon a website if it is too slow. Users wait an average of 3 Seconds before they close a website if it is too slow.

High Friction

People don’t want to install too many native apps on their mobile phones. An average user installs 1 application in a month.

User Engagement

Users spend most of their time in native apps, but mobile web reach is almost three times that of native apps. Therefore, most of the users are not actively engaged. Users spend 80% of their time on only their top three native apps.

Share App Link to Social Media

A PWA is URL based, you can distribute it using different channels (Facebook post, Twitter post, LinkedIn shares, SMS, E-mail, NFC, Beacons, QR codes) which are available within the platforms.

SMS Marketing

PWA’s provide you with features to import prospects and send marketing content through SMS with app link. This feature is integrated into Twilio.


You can create different loyalty programmes for your business and manage them from your PWA module. Eg; You can create a loyalty programme that requires users to claim points when using your business for a voucher/gift.

App Analytics with Google Analytics

Advanced data analytics built into PWA platform for your business to track visitor behaviour.


You can display a list of all visitors to the website. You can also filter and view a list of registered customers based on certain creteria(s).

Geo Targeted Push Notifications

You can do Proximity marketing with Push notifications when users enter a specific geo location.

Augmented Reality (Web AR)

Upload any pictures and tag content to it. When users scan the physical object they can get to see the tagged content in 3D view thus having an augmented reality experience.

 Chat-Bot Integration

You would be able to respond to hundreds of customers simultaneously. Serve any number of customers 24/7 with personalised AI engagement.

E-commerce Platform

Take your business to the next level with powerful built-in E-commerce features. You can be integrated with BIG platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce and Magento for product and order management.

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